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"Chikuzen Kurodamaru", which is carefully grown with as few pesticides as possible, is a sweet and nutritious black soybean. "Kuropon", which is fragrantly baked with a nostalgic puffed-grain machine, can be eaten deliciously by adults and children alike.

Since the ingredients are the same, you can freely arrange the dishes. Please enjoy it in various ways.

[Raw materials: Black soybeans (Chikuzen Kurodamaru)]

Chikuzen Kurodamaru (black soybean) cultivated by Mugiwara FARM is certified as Fukuoka eco-agricultural product. Certification number 1731524


Smoked black pon

Smoked "Kuropon" made it even more delicious. Moderate saltiness enhances the flavor of beans, and the taste is unstoppable. It's perfect as a snack for sake or as a snack.

[Raw materials: Black soybean (Chikuzen Kurodamaru) (Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture), Salt (Sicily, Italy)]


Black soybean flour

By slowly and carefully grinding "Kuropon" with a stone mill, it has a unique flavor that leaves a crunchy grain.

It is also recommended for pancakes and sweets along with yogurt.

[Raw materials: Black soybeans (Chikuzen Kurodamaru) (produced in Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture)]


Forest carrot series


Carrot juice

Carrot juice that was said from carrots hate people as "drink if the juice!". It has a rich and easy-to-drink taste.

[Raw materials: carrots (produced in Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture),

Lemon juice (domestic)]

For people who don't like carrots

I want you to eat it deliciously.

We strive to make carrots that are not only safe and secure, but also delicious and colorful. Aiming for a product that people who dislike carrots will say "delicious" without adding extra things as much as possible.

Please enjoy the nutrition and deliciousness of carrots.

Carrots cultivated by Mugiwara FARM

It is certified as Fukuoka Eco Agricultural Products.

Certification number 1641472

Carrot jam

Carrots and citrus "scratches" from Chikuzen Town

This is the jam I used. It is fruity and goes well with bread and cracker cheese.

[Raw materials: carrots (produced in Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture),

Beet granulated sugar,

Kizuka Juice (produced in Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture)]


Carrot dressing

Carrots and citrus "scratches" from Chikuzen Town

This is the dressing I used. It is a dressing that eats carrots that use a lot of carrots.

[Ingredients: carrot (Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture), amazake, rapeseed oil, wound juice (Fukuoka Prefecture), mirin, salt, kelp (domestic), white pepper )]








Collaborative development with local high school students "Mesidamaru"

The name "Meshidamaru" was jointly developed with students from Asakura Higashi High School using Mugiwara FARM miso. With the free ideas of high school students and our collaboration products of manufacturing, we have created Kurodamaru products that are perfect for rice.

The Damaru family is steadily increasing, including homemade green peppers, soba noodles, and miso made with wood vinegar, which is a specialty of Chikuzen Town!


Mugiwara FARM black soybean miso

It's been 5 years until you're satisfied with the miso!

It has been a long-standing dream to make "miso", a fermented food that is familiar to the Japanese body, from the black beans (Chikuzen Kurodamaru) and rice (jiuqu) that we have grown.

It's been 5 years of trial and error while checking the aging condition many times to make miso with a deep taste like black soybeans. Finally, I made a convincing and mellow miso.

Enjoy Mugiwara FARM's black soybean miso, which has been grown from the soil, harvested and fermented.


Shimiru soup (frozen)

The soup is made from seasonal vegetables grown at Mugiwara FARM. It has a gentle taste that soaks into the body using kelp stock and salted jiuqu without using dairy products. (* Gift sets are also supported. * Depending on the season, it may not be available.)

Galette flour

Popular at events! Galette made from buckwheat flour from Mugiwara FARM. We have prepared a galette powder so that you can enjoy it at home.

Mugiwara snack

"I want you to eat" snacks that consider your body

I think snacks are a daily reward. That is why I want to be affectionate.

Good for growth and health for children. For adults, something that cares for a relieved body.

Because I have been dealing with food and health for many years as a registered dietitian

I want to stick to the rewards that make me happy to eat.

Mugiwara FARM registered dietitian miho

* We also accept gifts, midyear gifts, and year-end gifts. Please contact us for more information.
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