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Mugiwara FARM event information
For the latest event information, please see Facebook and Instagram
[Event Marche store opening (planned)]

Small Marche

4th Sunday of every month / Kinon cafe & arts, Nagomi Town, Kumamoto Prefecture

City of living

Spring / Autumn / Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Ukiha Organic Market

Spring / Autumn / Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Green Town Marche

4th Saturday of every month + 11/3 / Maizuru Park, Fukuoka City


Eco Marche Onizuka / Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture

We also hold cooking classes and workshops for registered dietitian miho.

[Product sales location]


Cafe Yamaboshi

Italian food Mare

Onizuka Biosystem

Grape seeds

Small sunflower


Confectionery Studio Hinata cafe

Direct sales are also available, for more information please contact us

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